Facebook's new Memories feature puts all your memories in one place

Himanshu, 12 June 2018

Facebook has launched a new feature dubbed Memories. It lets you access all memories/moments/life events that you shared on the social network from a single place.

The company says there can be several sections on your Memories page, including On This Day, Friends Made On This Day, Recaps of Memories, and Memories You May Have Missed.

This new feature can be accessed through the Memories bookmark sitting on the left of your News Feed on PC, or through the "more" tab on the bottom right of your mobile app.

"You can also access Memories through notifications, through messages that you may see in your News Feed, and by visiting facebook.com/memories," the company says.



Reader comments

  • Mark Suckingbird

Hahahaha! you got me there buddy! or friendster neither? :D

  • 89

Facebook can go to hell.

  • Anonymous

Mine's not working at all. Thanks Facebook.

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