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Good concept, bad execution, the hardware is just to weak for the price

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    • Bruno
    • sqf
    • 16 Nov 2023

    As much as I love the concept, I have to recommend that you don't buy it. My battery died, it's been almost 2 weeks waiting just for a response to my claim. I've had to buy another phone on the meantime and I lost access to all my apps, bank account, etc. The concept is great, and I think the company made a bold move. the phone itself is good though limited. Memory is amazing. But service is deficient. You cannot keep customers waiting forever, because it just defeats the purpose if they have to buy another phone. Also, the FP4 had lots of issues: Camera doesn't take stills when recording, weather app not working, some shortcuts not working, issues every now and then, screen freezes sometimes. I love the concept and always supported Fairphone, but I could've changed a battery on any android (which is still aligning to the repairing principle) in 40 minutes for 20-50 euros, in any quick-fix store, which you can't do with Fairphone. So, not really happy anymore.

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      • Anonymous
      • AAs
      • 15 Nov 2023

      Fairphone 4 New Life Edition is available now via their website.

        Fairphone - good phone but customer service sucks

        Bought an FP4 just over a year ago and was quite happy with this purchase until ran into an issue with the display which was clearly caused by a manufacturing flaw. So I went to the website, opened a case and asked for replacement part citing all the usual information such as order #, IMEI, etc. given the fact that they taunt sustainability and easy replacement of parts by an owner as their unique selling points.

        That was where the fun started.

        Through what seemed to be an endless chain of mails back and forth they insisted of having this phone shipped to one of their service locations despite the fact that this was clearly a hardware fault (I also sent pictures of the defect itself as proof). Trying to explain that this would imply a mandatory factory reset due to existing standard operational procedures / IT security requirements before shipping the phone (in a addition to a complex change window due to the mobile device management in place), I deemed this round-trip completely unnecessary given the unambiguousness of the situation at hand.

        As this wasn't bad enough, the next step really got me going.

        After another chain of mails explaining the complexity of this shipment, Fairphone finally agreed to send me a replacement part requesting that I return the faulty display after exchanging this part. So I sent them the shipment details, etc.

        And then radio silence. No mails, no phone calls, no other communication. Nothing.

        Given the significant markup of their prices in comparison to similarly speced phones from other brands I do expect a corresponding customer service. But not this disaster (putting it mildly).

        Unfortunately I don't seem to be only customer with this experience if other similar RECENT cases are anything to by (eg, https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/653547b273ed32ce49feaba2, https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/652a93c0cd070a86280532ff ).

        So Fairphone, if you're reading this, now is probably a good time to get your customer service act together once and for all!

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          • Bulge 5
          • D6e
          • 15 Oct 2023

          Fairphone 4 can also be bought with /e/OS for better privacy. It's completely de-googled so no Google on the phone at all. Besides it's compatible with android apps. It's the 6GB/128GB version.

            The design is a tragedy. Fairphone 3 looks much better despite the old school look

              Andrid 13 update is rolling out for the Fairphone 4.

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                • Mehdi
                • rmE
                • 27 Sep 2023

                hello guys,
                I need your opinion, about the phone. what are the weaknesses please!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • atq
                  • 17 Sep 2023

                  225g with that tiny battery? Most phones with 5000ma capacity are 20 gram lighter than this.

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                    • SeanPhoenix17
                    • y6W
                    • 15 Sep 2023

                    Android 13 is now available for the Fairphone 3, 3+ And 4

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                      • SeanPhoenix17
                      • y6W
                      • 12 Sep 2023

                      Anonymous, 03 Sep 2023Android 13 is available android 14 will follow OK

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                        • bondarel
                        • mAU
                        • 10 Sep 2023

                        Anonymous, 04 Sep 2023This phone is recommended since day 1 I use this without a ... moreI'm using it for almost a year now as my second phone. I got this one second hand and I mainly use it to play CoD and to watch YouTube, surf the web. I have no complaints about it. Charges quite fast as well. I've also did one test with Android auto using Waze for a 400km trip. All good there. I hope to use it for many years and looking to replace the battery when the time comes.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3SM
                          • 04 Sep 2023

                          This phone is recommended since day 1 I use this without a problem running Android 13 fine and the software updates are great.

                          5 years of warranty. Other brands no way they give a warranty only what is legally required. It's called a trustworthy product from Fairphone. The company trusts its own products.

                          Besides I also got myself Fairbuds XL I use it for pretty much everything music from phone, radio sometimes via bluetooth, gaming WoW and Diablo also in plane listen podcasts and also modular.

                          I use Fairphone 4 now 8 months and headphones 1 months

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                            • Anonymous
                            • ptT
                            • 03 Sep 2023

                            SeanPhoenix17, 03 Sep 2023Can I Upgrade From Android 14 In Fairphone 4?Android 13 is available android 14 will follow

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                              • SeanPhoenix17
                              • y6W
                              • 03 Sep 2023

                              Can I Upgrade From Android 14 In Fairphone 4?

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                                • Anonymous
                                • i2d
                                • 31 Aug 2023

                                Alex, 06 Aug 2023I just don't recommend anyone this phone (I got it fro... moreYuck weight ipad weigh less don’t like it stick to apple Samsung .

                                  jpn4, 17 Aug 202330th of August is likely the date the Fairphone 5 is being ... moreYes I saw it too and it's also on their website:


                                  I'm pretty sure it'll be the Fairphone 5 since it already leaked on images.

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                                    • jpn4
                                    • yJt
                                    • 17 Aug 2023

                                    30th of August is likely the date the Fairphone 5 is being announced. They showed the date on their socials.

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                                      • Alex
                                      • sqb
                                      • 06 Aug 2023

                                      I just don't recommend anyone this phone (I got it from the company I work). Too much overpriced for the hardware it offers and specially how it works.
                                      Camera is nothing special, but specially bad with mid and low light. focusing takes forever and opening the app Camera is so random from instant, slow or crashing.
                                      Battery life was never great. As new it was lasting around 1 day and half and now it doesn't reach a day (as reference for same use previously I had a Redmi Note 7 that was lasting 2 days as new, more than a day after 2 years).
                                      Work apps (all Microsoft using Work Profile) work way too slow.
                                      GPS has issues like not getting correct position and specially in Andoid auto is a disaster (lack of accuracy and update position after minutes is not nice while driving and needing instructions)
                                      System might crash when getting an incoming call.
                                      Taking a pic directly on WhatsApp or Telegram is annoying: you touch the button but takes minutes to process the picture to send it.

                                      Positive part is quite resistant: without any protective case it falled from aprox 3m (from my hand to 1 floor down) and nothing broke.
                                      So this might be a good pick for retired people that can't afford getting a phone every 2 years, don't use a phone too much and don't require much hardware.
                                      People using a phone a lot, I would say avoid it

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • sqb
                                        • 06 Aug 2023

                                        1 year and 3 months... I don't recommend anyone to get this phone (I got it from the com