Fake Samsung Galaxy S9+ handled on video

Peter, 03 January 2018

Well, this is ahead of schedule Ė the Samsung Galaxy S9+ just appeared in a short hands-on video. And itís a fully working unit too... though we have a sneaking suspicion itís a copycat rather than the genuine article.

Thereís not much to say about the front Ė itís dominated by an Infinity Display as expected. But itís not centered, the bottom bezel is thicker than the top one. And whatís with the chunky Power button?

The app drawer is even more telling Ė thereís an FM radio app for one, which the original will (sadly) lack. Not to mention that thereís no Galaxy Apps shortcut. And S Planner is now Samsung Calendar, thereís no Heart rate app (itís Samsung Health), we can go on.

The video shows a brief glimpse of the camera app which differs from the app on the Galaxy Note8. Not that Samsung canít change the design, but weíre missing the ďx2Ē button, which switches over to the telephoto camera (which is seemingly present on the back).

Oh, well. A valiant effort Ė and impressive because it comes ahead of the true Galaxy S9+.

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Reader comments

  • Q

No! it's a SAFELINK phone and I'm sure about it!

  • AnonD-441601

But it will be for the reasons i said. ANyway Samsung never made a good phone just an expensive ones. They have a huge oproductions which lacks in quality as always.

  • Man Datory

Man that's non sense. Fake will never be better than the original.