Final versions of both Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 released

16 March, 2010

The final versions of both Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 have just been released. One after the other diverse versions of the free web browser have been showing up so that now there are dedicated versions for almost all platforms and most of the phones out there are compatible with either the Opera Mini 5 or the Opera Mobile 10.

If you own a feature phone with Java support, you can get the Mini 5, which was developed to guarantee fast and at the same time low cost web browsing. Since the amount of data is decreased by up to 90 percent pages are loaded much quicker and your phone bill is kept low. And there are some other nice features such as the Speed Dial, the support for multiple tabs and the password manager.

As you already know, the web browsers have dedicated versions for all leading smartphone platforms, including Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Symbian users can enjoy the Java version of Opera Mini 5 (final) and the native version of Opera Mobile 10 (final).

Android users can make use of both the Java version of Opera Mini 5 (final) or the native version of application through the Android Market (still beta though). The native version of Opera Mobile 10 for Android is still (beta), as well.

Windows Mobile users have the same type of selection. It includes a native version of Opera Mobile 10 and two versions of Opera Mini 5 - a Java one (final) and a native one (beta).

If you want to give the free web browsers a try, you can download each of them directly to your phone from Tell us what you think of them.



Reader comments

  • dmm2k9
  • 07 Jan 2012
  • mEk

Youtube doesnt work.

  • Dave23
  • 30 Aug 2010
  • kUW

Pls. Help! Opera mini 5 wont open on nokia 3230.Pls reply

  • Anonymous
  • 07 Jun 2010
  • 3xH

Opera mobile 10 is cool, but no way to save images. Does opera mini 5 support this? Also does it play youtube videos? And also, will all my bookmarks n saved pages get carried over from 4.2 to mini 5? I have a n95 8gb.

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