First images of Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 (10.5) and Tab Advanced2 leak

09 July 2018

A couple of images taken by regulatory organizations have surfaced, showing two new Samsung tablets - the higher-end Galaxy Tab A2 10.5 and the Galaxy Tab Advanced2. Both seem to be successors to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (2016).

Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 10.5 (SM-T590/SM-T595)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 10.5 has a 10.5-inch 1920x1200px display with thin bezels. It will likely be positioned just under the upcoming flagship Galaxy Tab S4 in terms of specs.

It measures 259.9x161.1mm (compared to the Galaxy Tab S4's 249.3x164.3mm) and will come in a Wi-Fi only model and an LTE model. The biggest change from past Galaxy Tab devices is the omission of a physical home button - it has been replaced with on-screen navigation ones.

It will use a USB-C port instead of the older microUSB one.

Samsung  Galaxy Tab A2 10.5 (2018) Source:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 10.5 (2018) Source:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 10.5 name has been used internally for certification purposes and the tablet may end up called the Galaxy Tab A2 XL or Galaxy Tab A2 (10.5).

Samsung Galaxy Tab Advanced2 (SM-T583)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Advanced2 is expected to be a very modest reimagining of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (2016) - retaining the 10.1-inch 1920x1200px display, Exynos 7870 chipset with 3GB of RAM and 7,300mAh battery.

Among the changes is the removal of the physical home button in favor of on-screen virtual one and the move from a microUSB port to a USB-C one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Adavnced2 SOurce:
Samsung Galaxy Tab Adavnced2 Source:

Both tablets have allegedly passed FCC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification and are expected to become official soon.

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