First personal mobile music service

25 June, 2004

Alcatel and Sony Network Services Europe announced that PacketVideo Network Solutions, a subsidiary of Alcatel, has been selected to provide the server and media player technology for Sony's StreamMan, the world's first personal mobile music service.

The StreamMan offers a wide range of music from major and independent record labels. It includes a unique smart personalization system that learns and stores your tastes, so that StreamMan can provide a group of individually personalized music stations that know what you like to listen to.

StreamMan is based on the high-quality 3GPP-standard AAC audio format and was developed by Sony Network Services with support from pvNS. StreamMan is designed as a mobile entertainment application that mobile phone operators can provide for their customers on GPRS or 3G/UMTS networks.

TeliaSonera Finland is the first operator to offer StreamMan. Leveraging this first reference, both pvNS and Sony Network Services will collaborate on attracting other operators, initially throughout Europe.