Fix arrives for AT&T Priv's 'No Service' issue

Himanshu, 08 November 2016

If you recall, over a week ago, BlackBerry announced that it's working with AT&T to quickly fix the "No Service" issue being faced by some AT&T Priv users. Well, the good news is that the fix has arrived.

To apply the fix, you have to download and install the BlackBerry "No Service" Prevention Tool - for detailed steps on how to do that, head to the Source link below and refer to the information mentioned in the 'Workaround' section there.

For those who aren't in the know, the "No Service" issue is said to affect several services like email and texts. Prior to the fix BlackBerry just released, the only workaround was to restart the handset.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It's the most advanced UI currently out there. You don't even need to open apps to see what's going on. And by "simple" you mean 'streamlined design'. Static icons are useless.

  • Anonymous

Well Windows UI its pretty simple and almost the same since the first release so... i still dont get the "outdated UI from Android"

  • Anonymous

Nope. I use the 950XL now, not an iPhone. Boom!!

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