Forget about the Nord, grab a OnePlus 7T for $399 instead

Vlad, 26 October 2020

The original OnePlus Nord was the company's return to the mid-range, but that phone hasn't been and won't be sold in the US. The just unveiled Nord N10 will take its place in North America, but it's still unclear when and for what price.

So, if you want a OnePlus phone that's cheaper than the 8T and 8 Pro, and you don't care about 5G, here's something for you. B&H is currently holding a very limited time sale on the OnePlus 7T from last year, bringing its price down to just $399. That's probably what the Nord would've been sold for had it been launched in the US.

Forget about the Nord, grab a OnePlus 7T for $399 instead

The OnePlus 7T has a better chipset, though, and a telephoto camera, so it's definitely the superior device, unless you really want 5G on your new phone. Act fast, though, for there's no telling how long this deal will last.

If you're interested in the OnePlus 7T but don't want to pull the trigger without an in-depth look at it, we have a review as well as a long-term review of the phone waiting for you.


Reader comments

  • Mstaa

Im from Buenos Aires, how many do you pay with shipping + taxes...?

  • Luke

BH does shipp internationally, I've bought there from Argentina and got my goods shipped no problem

  • Daaaamnit

Does anyone know about the company shipping internationally??

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