Fossil expands wearable range with two smartwatches and an activity tracker

Prasad, 16 March, 2016

Fossil has announced three new products in its range of wearable devices, including two new smartwatches and one activity tracker.

Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal

The Q Wander and Q Marshal are the two new smartwatches, that join the existing Q Founder. Both watches are smaller and slimmer than the Q Founder.

The Q Wander is the more delicately designed of the two, with sculpted wire lugs and interchangeable genuine leather straps. It comes in multiple color finishes in 44mm size.

The Q Marshal is the more rugged of the two, with a blue-plated case and leather straps.

Both run on Android Wear and have always-on displays and voice commands. Both come with a newer version of Fossil's wireless charger that is smaller than the one that comes with the Q Founder. Both will be available later this year.

Q Motion Activity Trackers

Next is the Q Motion activity tracker. Along with tracking your sleep and activity, the Q Motion also alerts you of call and text notifications with haptic feedback and and multi-color LEDs. You can also tap it to do tasks such as playing music, find your phone, or take a picture. The Q Motion is also water resistant, and the battery can last for six months. It will be available later this summer.

Q Tailor and Q Nate

Fossil also teased its updated range of smart analog watches, that are basically regular watches that pair with your phone, and give you notifications for calls and texts, track your sleep and activity, automatically update according to time zone, and display a second time zone. Part of this series are the new Q Tailor and Q Nate, but no availability information was provided at the moment.



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