Four iPhone 13 dummies pose for a photo

Peter, 23 June 2021

Check out this photo of iPhone 13 dummies, showing all four models. Dummies are not functioning phones, they just represent the physical dimensions of a device, which is useful for designing and testing cases.

There’s not much to see, Apple will reuse the 12-series design with only slight modifications. You may have already noticed that the iPhone 13 and 13 mini have switched to a diagonal placement for the rear cameras instead of vertical.

 iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, vanilla 13 and 13 mini Dummy units: iPhone 13 Pro Max, 13 Pro, vanilla 13 and 13 mini

Sonny Dickson, who posted the photo, says that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is slightly larger. In fact, all models are expected to be slightly thicker (by a fraction of a millimeter) and have thicker camera bumps too. This is partly because of the larger batteries and partly due to the upgraded cameras.

All four models will feature sensor shift stabilization, according to the analysts at TrendForce. Also, the ultra wide module, present on all four iPhones, should get an improved lens (6P) with autofocus. Only the two Pro models will have LiDAR, which can be seen on the dummies as well.

With dummies already in the hands of case makers, you can bet that there are already several iPhone 13 cases up for sale on certain sites. Here’s an example:

An iPhone 13 Pro Max case An iPhone 13 Pro Max case An iPhone 13 Pro Max case An iPhone 13 Pro Max case
An iPhone 13 Pro Max case

Anyway, Apple will reportedly try to return to a September reveal, after having to push it back a month last year due to the pandemic. That’s not set in stone and the launch can be pushed back this year too (the semiconductor shortage isn’t helping things).



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  • Anonymous

Crapvid 19 is the only reason to blame! Or maybe crapmc was the only reason to blame! Get it! Because I want things to go back to where it used to be! Anyway, what we like to see in 2021 is that the pro models will get a 120hz ltpo retina oled d...

  • Anonymous

Neither of these flagships are ugly, but has a very good look in the industry! You sound like a hater whose not doing some research

Your right, neither of them is perfect, and nor will they ever be. My problem is the myriad of people who come onto this site just to 1. go on an on about how they despise one or the other, and 2. try to get everyone else to agree with their own view...

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