French financial prosecutors raid Huawei's offices in the country

Ro, 11 February 2024

This week, Huawei's offices in France were searched by financial prosecutors, but the French authorities were quick to point out that this is a preliminary investigation and does not imply any wrongdoing. However, there are reasons to suspect the Chinese-based company of corruption, favoritism, and influence peddling.

Both Huawei and the French authorities have confirmed that the raid was carried out on Tuesday but did not provide any further details.

French financial prosecutors raid Huawei's offices in the country

The company's spokesperson responded by reminding France that Huawei has invested millions into research in the country and that a factory making wireless communication equipment worth billions will go operational in 2025. The factory will provide jobs and value, so there's no reason for Huawei to meddle in internal affairs.

He pointed out that Huawei has been in France for the last 20 years and has always abided by the law, and it will continue to do so. Still, it the firm will cooperate and assist French authorities in the investigation.



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  • mega
  • 15 Feb 2024
  • M}3

Huawei : Open the factory in Turkey, not France.

Huawei is the biggest and trusted technology company of this ERA.

"At the end of 2007, the Federal Reserve's balance sheet amounted to roughly 0.9 trillion U.S. dollars. As of November 15, 2023, the Federal Reserve had roughly 7.81 trillion U.S. dollars worth of assets." It's money printing.

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