Wear OS will finally gain right wrist support

Ro, 12 January 2022

Google is rapidly improving its Wear OS lately and it has now confirmed one of the features to make it to one of its next releases. It will finally let you flip the UI so you can wear your smartwatch on your right hand.

Future Wear OS update will flip the UI orientation for left-handed users

A feature request on Google's issue tracker has been marked as resolved with the clarification that it will be made available on future new devices. It doesn't make it clear whether current Wear OS 3.0-running devices will get it in the future, though, or if you'll need to buy a new one for that.

As of now, Wear OS watches can be worn on the right hand but the buttons would stay on the right side making it extremely uncomfortable to operate as flipping the watch around won't change the orientation of the UI. So if you are left-handed you can't properly use your watch on your right hand even if you flip the band.



Reader comments

Erhm ... being practically ambidextrous here, I think you are barking up the wrong three...

We lefties aren't a "protected class". This lefty (as in left-handed) will appreciate it. Continue to enjoy your right handed smugness.

I'm saying that not even those , since most people don't care about wearables and the minority that does cares even less about the fabulously well received wear os ...

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