Galaxy A7 (2017) is getting a follow-up after all, according to a Bluetooth certification

Ro, 13 September 2018

It's been nine months since the beginning of 2018 and this is the first solid evidence that Samsung is readying a follow-up to the Galaxy A7 (2017). The 2016 and 2017 versions all launched at the beginning of each year while the 2018 model seems to be delayed more than half a year.

According to a Bluetooth certification sheet, the device is on its way and we are pretty sure the SM-A750N and SM-A750FN are model names belonging to the Galaxy A7 (2018) despite the fact that Samsung changed its naming scheme for the A-series this year with the release of the Galaxy A6 (2018) and Galaxy A8 (2018).

It will be interesting to see how it will be positioned spec and price-wise compared to the current A6 and A8 devices.

Source | Via (in Dutch)


Reader comments

  • Sanku

Hi...will A7 2017 get Andriod Pie or at least Andriod oreo 8.1 update..if not request you to let us know the reason why Samsung is not considering in enhancing the same...thank you

Samsung claims A6 series has done well, and I am seeing the units sell locally too.

  • JayGanesh

though no one will ever buy outdated chip high price mobile but ( let me concentrate) i really appreciate samsung's guts. They solely made, solely use and solely throw out in 3 months.

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