Galaxy M30s hands-on video published early, shows an extra camera sensor

Peter, 02 September 2019

Samsung has started the promo campaign for the Galaxy M30s, but the phone isn’t quite ready for hands-on videos. But that didn’t stop this particular video from hitting YouTube – a quick 5 minute tour through the phone.

Interestingly, the redesigned triple camera on the back seems to have an extra sensor – Laser autofocus, perhaps (it’s certainly not a 3D ToF sensor like the big Galaxys have). You can see it at around 3:10 in the video (we also have a screenshot below).

This triple camera will use a 48MP sensor, quite an improvement over the 13MP sensor in the vanilla Galaxy M30. Another big upgrade is the battery with 6,000mAh capacity (up from 5,000mAh), which will charge over USB-C.

The video also mentions a brand new Exynos chipset and white it doesn’t name the specific model, it lends credence to the rumors of the Exynos 9611. This could be a slightly overclocked version of the 9610 (the same way that the 9609 is a slightly down clocked version).

Samsung Galaxy M30s: redesigned triple camera Samsung Galaxy M30s: 6.4\
Samsung Galaxy M30s: redesigned triple camera • 6.4" Super AMOLED screen (1080p+)

The Samsung Galaxy M30s will be fully unveiled on September 18 and it will be sold through Amazon India.

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Yeah, i used to watch an Indian Phone reviewer that made most videos in english, but had some Hindi videos (With their titles in Hindi too). So i thought Indians only knew Hindi and English, but now i see it depends on the situation.

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Your wellcome. Actually India is a very complex nation with variety of cultures, languages and lifestyles. But the best part is unlike China, we don't force every one to use same language. We respect others and others respect us. And that i...

Ah i see know, thanks for explaining, you should have told me that first, since this is a very specific situation of language in a country. Usually people have their main native language and then a 2nd language for forgein people (example: Spanish as...

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