Galaxy Note8 undergoes scratch, burn, and bend test

Vlad, 07 September 2017

Now that Samsung's Galaxy Note8 is starting to ship to eager customers who've pre-ordered it, it's time for the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel to give us the results of its traditional scratch, burn and bend test. The Note8 is the latest device to fall victim to this torture test, and the full ordeal is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

In case you can't watch that, here's a short summary. The Note8 comes off as sturdy. The glass scratches at exactly the hardness level you'd expect it to, and the handset is impossible to bend when normal levels of force are applied.

The screen flame test does result in permanent damage after around ten seconds (since unlike LCDs the AMOLED panel doesn't recover), and the fingerprint scanner can be scratched. It does however still work even after that. Since the frame is metal, it means it can be scraped.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-24210

Will it take, pressure created from a plane wight?

Nice Jerryrigeverything

  • Anonymous

I think that most people want to see a loading test.... Or would it burn.....or explode