Five Galaxy Note8 videos that highlight its best qualities

Peter, 23 August 2017

The S Pen and the dual camera separate the Samsung Galaxy Note8 from the Galaxy S phones, but it won’t be until September 15 at the earliest before you can try them yourself. For now you can watch these videos that will walk you through the best parts of the stylus and camera.

There’s a video that shows off the DeX dock too – this one will be a freebie for Europeans who buy a Note8 before September 24. Here’s a playlist of 5 videos that show off the best of the new flagship, including productivity features and its design story.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-425519

Your evil words are... evil. Jeez, calm down. You'll be back to Android most probably. I did the same 1 and a half month ago. I went with iPhone 7 after using Android since HTC Magic. I lasted 3 weeks with the iPhone 7 and returned it. Great...

  • AnonD-425519

Yes. My Galaxy S7 is around 69.6mm. iPhone 7 is 67.1mm. iPhone 7 is way easier to hold (I used to own it). Especially since it's thinner. Note8 is thicker than XZ Premium though but not by too much. It should still be easier to hold. There's a...

  • Anonymous

The Note 8 width is just a 0.22cm smaller than XZP, is this a big difference to make it more comfortable to hold for a tallest phone?

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