Galaxy S10+ handled on video, the screen protector has a hole for the FP reader

Peter, 13 February 2019

Did you hear that Samsung Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint reader will not work with screen protectors? This is more than a rumor, check out this short hands-on video with the Galaxy S10+ posted by Mobile Fun.

The big round hole in the screen protector is plainly visible. Actually, it’s a bit of an eye sore.

Current in-display readers are optical, so a transparent screen protector isn’t an issue. However, Galaxy S10’s readers will be of the ultrasonic kind and apparently those don’t like stuff stuck to the glass.

The Galaxy S10e will side-step this issue by moving the fingerprint reader to the Power button on the side.

However, the FP reader isn’t the only thing that needs a hole in the screen protector, as you can see in the video the selfie camera needs a hole too (a pill-shaped hole on the S10+, round on the other two).


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Yeah i did too.. Then threw it out after a few days.. But maybe mine was a cheaper glass..

  • Pardhuman sahani

Super model Samsung Galaxy s10

Reading comprehension is vital.

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