Galaxy S10 might get an in-house under display fingerprint reader

Peter, 14 May 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note9 rumors flip-flopped between yes and no on whether the late 2018 flagship will have an under display fingerprint reader. Things seem to have settled on “no” so the rumor mill has moved on to the Galaxy S10.

Current under display fingerprint readers work only with OLED displays since they are optical devices. And Samsung is the king of OLED when it comes to phones. However, rumor has it that the company is working on an in-house ultrasonic reader instead.

Galaxy S10 might get an in-house under display fingerprint reader

The advantages of such a sensor would be improved accuracy as it captures your finger in 3D while the other sensors are 2D only. However, ultrasonic readers are trickier to manufacture reliably, not to mention pricier.

Qualcomm has been promising ultrasonic readers for a while but none has reached the mainstream. vivo experimented with Qualcomm’s solution but ultimately went with Synaptics for the X21 UD.


Reader comments

  • Chopsticks
  • 16 May 2018
  • nFA

Galaxy S8 owner here and although I love my device can honestly say I have never activated the fingerprint scanner on the back, just wouldn't do it as it's too awkward and fiddly to do it every time without seeing what you are doing. I use the eye an...

There have been tens of articles about Samsung introducing an in-display fingerprint scanner. Yet, till this day we see no real results.

  • Max
  • 16 May 2018
  • sxs

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