Galaxy S20 series to support simultaneous shooting with all cameras

Michail, 03 February 2020

Samsung’s big Unpacked event is just a week away and given the myriad of leaks we know most of the key specs of the upcoming Galaxy S20 family. A new leak however is spilling more details on the camera side as all three S20 phones will be able to take simultaneous shots and videos from their main, ultra-wide and telephoto shooters. According to XDA’s Max Weinbach, this feature will be called “Quick Take” and will let you let go into the gallery app after taking the triple shot and select which image you want to keep.

This won’t be the first time we’ve seen such as feature as LG’s “Triple Shot” which was present on the V40 back in 2018. More recently, iPhone users also got similar functionality albeit through a third-party app called DoubleTake.

Going back to the S20 rumors, Samsung is also expected to bring another camera feature called “Single Take” which compiles images captured from the three camera modules into short videos. The S20 lineup is shaping up to be a big leap in camera hardware and software so we're definitely looking forward to next Tuesday's big event.



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it is already ended here , but don't expect anyone to take your point as fact you have plenty of camera simples out there with EIS on and off and no OIS at all ,even with OIS it wouldn't record a good walking video starting from GSMARENA video samp...

  • AnonD-754814

What the hell is your problem ? Did I say that , EIS doesn't crop ? EIS crops. So when the image move around the sensor much it reduces the video quality. Anyway.. It's useless to argue with you. You don't take any point. Just state your poin...

So funny , when you said "EIS is superior over OIS only if you are running, On a vehicle or walking fast. Not in normal conditions like walking or others." you just prove that you don't have any clue about what you are talking about , just check t...

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