Galaxy S4 to come with wireless charging in some markets

15 March, 2013

As it turns out the Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship comes with support for the Qi wireless charging standard. Samsung said nothing about this at yesterday's event in New York, but some observant guys found wirelessly charging Galaxy S4 units at the stands after it.

The charging tables match the Galaxy S4 paintjobs - the base is made of the same glossy plastic as the device, while the top has a rubberized finish to hold the Galaxy S4 securely.

Unfortunately, the support for the feature will depend on your region and your carrier. So you'll have to look carefully if the Galaxy S4 you are about to purchase comes with wireless charging out of box or not.

The good news is the wireless charging will most probably depend on the battery cover, so even if you get a Galaxy S4 without the proper rear cover, you'll probably be able to purchase one separately.