Garmin-Asus nuvifone M20

Garmin-Asus nuvifone M20

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  • James bond0013
  • JFA
  • 14 Dec 2012

Sanil, 21 Jun 2011Hi i m sani can buy this hand set ??? wt abt cost it self? ... moreNokia C5-06 is better than this phone and its perform like a has lot of advanced funtions...with free navigation and cheapest smart wise enogh to get it soooooooooooon.............

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    • Anonymous
    • Xj6
    • 28 May 2012

    aer, 23 Feb 2011thanks for ur

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      • Anonymous
      • Xj6
      • 28 May 2012

      aer, 23 Feb 2011thanks for ur

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        • Sanil
        • 2ZH
        • 21 Jun 2011

        Akhil, 24 Dec 2010ya very poor battery back up.....Hi i m sani can buy this hand set ??? wt abt cost it self? i lovw this hand set very comfortable device for me

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          • reny
          • 2WY
          • 01 Apr 2011

          this is very good experience for me/////

          comparing other different fro m othe

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            • aer
            • utA
            • 23 Feb 2011

            thanks for ur comments.

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              • Akhil
              • PB7
              • 24 Dec 2010

              annie, 20 Dec 2010Ths is the worst phone i have ever user.The battery backup... moreya very poor battery back up.....

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                • annie
                • t}e
                • 20 Dec 2010

                Ths is the worst phone i have ever user.The battery backup is pathetic.Does do even last for a day if u talk for more than 1 hr.
                Suggest to who ever reading this post to never go for this phone.
                This is from my personal experience.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0VM
                  • 04 Nov 2010


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                    • bekabeksi
                    • swp
                    • 10 Oct 2010

                    If anybody interested in gps garmin here is the link:

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                      • I thought.
                      • mh}
                      • 14 Aug 2010

                      I thought of buying this right away when i saw the abilities of it BUT then i saw the batterylife and then I looked at it and god that saaks. So by the batterylife I think I am not going to buy this 1.

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                        • owl
                        • j@5
                        • 24 Jun 2010

                        Anonymous, 05 Jun 2010its a good phone like n95 but camera must b 5 m.p with fles... moreDoes anybody know how long does the battery hold a charge with a normal use?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • IaH
                          • 05 Jun 2010

                          its a good phone like n95 but camera must b 5 m.p with flesh atleast

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                            • omid
                            • K1x
                            • 25 Mar 2010

                            danny, 10 Oct 2009Can i use this phone in Iran? Is this supported here?you can use it but it would be quite useless when you have got nothing to do with its GPS right there.

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                              • m20-impulse-buyer
                              • vGc
                              • 01 Mar 2010

                              Having researched heavily about this phone ... and now having used it for a month...
                              First the bad news...
                              The battery life is pathetic... doesnt even last 24 hours... And I am not a heavy phone user. My 3 year old Sony Ericsson K790i lasts upto 3 days with normal use which is still my main phone.
                              Not great if you SMS a lot, touch screens aernt good with sms anyway and in this case the interface is also slow.
                              Windows mobile is new to me... the speed difference is huge... the M20 is a turtle compared to the sony.
                              Not user friendly at all... required a lot of prior knowledge of windows mobile.

                              Good news:
                              GPS is very good. Somestimes it takes a while to lock on to satellites (upto ten mins). When it does it works like a charm. Even worked on a flight, sitting next to a window of course.
                              Sound quality is also good... and the speaker phone is also amazing, very useful for voice guided navigation.
                              Screen resolution is one of the best available.
                              Size and weight only 99 grams is very handy.
                              Comes with car kit and a well designed case (which is now showing signs of wear n tear in less than a month)

                              I use this phone mainly for checking emails on the move and for its GPS... which it does both pretty well but the battery life is just unacceptable... 920mAh is too less for a smartphone.... I think Garmin-Asus should redesign the battery n do a recall.... otherwise a very good phone.

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                                • BANKS
                                • ftb
                                • 16 Feb 2010

                                performance 7.5 uh uh*

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                                  • BANKS
                                  • ftb
                                  • 16 Feb 2010


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                                    • Paul
                                    • S1M
                                    • 07 Jan 2010

                                    ak5589, 14 Sep 2009m20 is upgradeable to windows mobile 6.5 ihave read on garm... moreI upgraded to WM 6.5, because I had issues with my network in Poland, new new WM seems to solved the problems with connecting to network but definatelly slows the phone down. Also it completly eliminates the start menu its just icons now.

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                                      • ozzie
                                      • RN0
                                      • 24 Dec 2009

                                      Anonymous, 18 Oct 2009Bought my M20 about 3 weeks ago in Taiwan and am enjoying i... morei am also purchased M20 in Taiwan,this phone appearance only in chines language.if u hv ani wayout to make appearance in english,please tell me...

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                                        • ozzie
                                        • RN0
                                        • 23 Dec 2009

                                        To everyone,who familiar with Novifone M20.
                                        Today i had purchased an Asus in Taiwan.The Problem is NUVIFONE M20 use the local language.(IMEI:352860030202247)
                                        my question is,HOW TO CHANGE THE CHINES LANGUAGE TO ENGLISH.