Garmin Nuvifone passes FCC, then keeps straight

16 Dec, 2008

Nuvifone, the first mobile phone by Garmin, is cruising past FCC and might as well keep the announcement to release gap down to a year. The full-touch operated handset named after Garmin's very own Nuvi navigation system made headlines way back in January.

Garmin Nuvifone

Now, technically, the FCC approved an Asus device codenamed "Calf", as Garmin's first handset is actually manufactured by Asus. Some other known details include a 3.5" touchscreen, built-in GPS, camera with geotagging and web browser. HSDPA support is confirmed on the 850 and 1900 MHz bands.

There is still no official word on a launch date and pricing.


Reader comments

  • Iphone lover

Hey man, Cool, we all know i-phone is not a phone irts a toy for mental retired people, or some waht crazy guys.


Why are we talking about iphones people? I'm pretty satiosfied with my iphone atm, but then it often lags, have to restart the phone and stuff.. the camera isn't that good either. But then I only wanted it because of APPLE :) BRAND WORSHIPPING lol

  • Phone Addict

For those of you that say the iPhone sucks. Hell no. It doesn't suck at all. I've had experience with alot of the top phones, and the iPhone might be missing some features, but its so user friendly, which is why people love it. If the iPhone sucked, ...