Gartner: 2020 will see more smartphone sales, 5G to grow immensely by 2022

Ivan, 21 January 2020

Gartner forecasts that smartphone shipments will see their first increase in a while in 2020. The numbers promise a 1.7% growth in phone shipments in 2020 compared to 2019, which saw a 2% decline over 2018.

Gartner expects the growth to come mainly from Greater China and emerging markets in Asia/Pacific.

The 5G market is expected to account for 12% of all smartphone shipments in 2020 but as the prices of 5G phones decrease and adoption increases, Gartner projects that 5G phones will account for 43% of all phone shipments by 2022.

Gartner: 5G devices to grow in a declining market

Despite the positive outlook, Gartner projects that smartphone shipments will see a decline over the next two years, expecting a drop of nearly 20 million units in 2022 compared to 2020.



Reader comments

  • Moreno786

Mate 30 pro, is the best mobile phone in the world, right now,

Yeah, if you have the money to spend $ 1,000 that is. Usually Business people/Doctors/Engineers or IT employees with fat salaries have this potential.

  • Pegasus

Where is Xiaomi from the picture? It's a other's!

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