Gboard for Wear OS updated with enhanced text input, multi-language support, and a new look

Ricky, 07 May 2021

On Google’s Wear OS support page, a new entry has appeared with details outlining a new update to Wear OS’ Gboard app. Though no drastic change has been made, Gboard for Wear OS has been updated with a new appearance, multi-language input support, and enhanced correction and suggestions.

If you didn’t know, Wear OS offers a built-in keyboard for typing out replies to messages without having to reach for your phone. You can choose to rely on auto-correct and manually type in your response, you can also gesture type if you prefer, or you can simply enter your text by voice input.

Suggestions have been improved on by letting you scroll through them more easily. A new ‘Preview screen’ will let you preview the entire message before sending it. Multi-language support is a new feature on Gboard for Wear OS. A new input button will let you switch to another language enabled on Gboard.

Gboard for Wear OS updated with enhanced text input, multi-language support, and a new look

Finally, the Wear OS Gboard gets a new look. Gboard is now shown against a black background with larger, white letters. The space bar has also been made larger. Users can long-press the space bar to change the input text language.

The support page ends with "We're super excited to bring this update to the Wear OS Community in the coming days. We can't wait to share what more is in store for Wear OS by Google in 2021!"

Google is expected to completely overhaul Wear OS this year, starting with enabling third-party Tiles "when Google rolls out the corresponding Wear OS platform update". We're expecting to hear more about this update once Google I/O rolls around later this month.



Reader comments

Wear OS is getting resurrected and looking better and better. After Google I\O this month I'm really looking forward to a proper Snapdragon Wear 4100 smartwatch with Wear OS to get back to the system and ditch the limited Huawei proprietary OS (...

Gboard fked up the keyboard for my Poco F1 with this update! I couldn't use it with nonstop line writing. I had to delete all updates. Now gboard is perma stuck in gp market with "new version available"

  • smartwatchguy

Yes and have you done any research on this particular workaround for wear os smartwatches? I'm not going to podt a link to another on here?!

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