Geekbench shows the Pixel 3 Lite XL may be the first with 6GB of RAM

Peter, 14 January 2019

The Pixel 3 Lite XL has been spotted in Geekbench and it's powered by a Snapdragon 710. That would make it slightly faster than the Pixel 3 Lite, which was seen with Snapdragon 670.

It gets better – the benchmark reports 6GB of RAM. That’s more than any Pixel to date. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL have 4GB and (according to leaks) the Pixel 3 Lite will also have 4GB.

The Snapdragon 710 and 670 are both 10nm chips and have nearly identical hardware. Both have two A75-derived cores (at 2.2GHz and 2.0GHz, respectively) and six A55-derived cores (both at 1.7GHz). The extra 2 gigs of RAM might make more of a difference in day to day performance.

Earlier info on the Lite models shows that the Pixel 3 Lite XL will have a 6” screen (LCD) with 1080p+ resolution. And look at the renders below, they are missing something big.

The Google Pixel 3 Lite has been spotted in the wild at least three times, but the XL version has been elusive so far.

Google Pixel 3 Lite XL Google Pixel 3 Lite XL Google Pixel 3 Lite XL
Google Pixel 3 Lite XL

There's still no info, official or otherwise, on when the Pixel 3 Lite duo will be unveiled or how much it will cost.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Oh come on Google even the iPhone XR uses the same A12 processor as its big brother, this is pathetic.

Indeed it is :-)

  • Anonymous

"Oh, and more RAM on Lite model than flagship, that's funny :-)" It's comparable to the batteries on midrangers are often beefier that flagships, despite flagships carrying more features.

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