Gigabyte Barbie

Gigabyte Barbie

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Remember how i wanted this just to stand out as a kid. In a bad way ofc. Boy with barbie phone. Heck barbie wasnt so popular until 2007 and this was 2006

  • Daban

manish, 23 Nov 2013Really good phone, i'm really happy about the fact that it ... moretoday holding up more than million names isn't insane!

  • manish

Really good phone, i'm really happy about the fact that it can hold up to 500 contacts. Which is absolutely insane!

  • toty

my little girl saw this once and badly want to get one... one week later she just changed her mind and ask me to get TingerBell instead of Barbie

  • Anonymous

haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha its aweeeeeesssoooooome....i bought 10 of them for my kids..and they laaaaaaaaav it.....

  • Trololololo

Lol. the previous opinions are funny.

  • Anonymous

this model is awesome..yar

  • barbie gsm

barbie gsm

  • ann

i love it its so cute muuah...


A DREAM PHONE>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Liesl

android? hahahahahaha your kidding me, look at the specs of this phone then ask the questions..


Does this have safari and a barbie wallpaper?????

  • Anonymous

remind me about tamagochi (lmao)

  • Anonymous

does this phone have android or WM ?

  • Nightmare

sorry girls, but you cannot buy it anymore because didnt you see at the top is "Discontinued" means it doesnt exist anymore.. you must find it at the junkyard and if your lucky you have your barbie dream phone, haha..

  • miss fit

love the name and the syle of hs but 1mp camera?? hmmmmmmm

  • gaYgaybyTes

OMG im such a BARBIE FAN!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! where can I buy it?? i'll buy 3 for my 2 teen nieces, (they LOVE barbie) and 1 for me!!! ahh!! so excited!!!!!!!!


urgh! ugly!

  • Anonymous

its horrible.......

  • imsosweet

this isnt a phone, its a toy, heck we might mistake it for a toy that when they say the price we'll go "WHAT?!?!?!" and think only a spoiled brat can afford the toy. (phone)