Gigabyte g-re (o)

Gigabyte g-re (o)

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  • sam stein

Lone ranger, 16 Nov 2006looks like a baby monitorthats well funny! :O

  • sam stein

this mobile could be improved by:
making it look less tamgochi like.
but it rocks
i have that phone by da way so don't mae fun of it plz

  • Ballz

Lol indeed,Looks like a Tamagotchi!

  • Schrwyn14

is this a phone? its look like a tamagochi!
anyway.. not so bad. much better if i got one.
-rock rulez!

  • Shudipto

this is really ugly as a mobile phone...

  • fbdsjhgf gsdufgui

this is cute

  • Anonymous

i think this is a "pokemon" phone. lol.

  • Anonymous


  • squeak 440

looks good but not much else!!!

  • Lone ranger

looks like a baby monitor