Gigabyte GSmart G1317 Rola

Gigabyte GSmart G1317 Rola

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  • Momosat

after Root ,last rom and only 1 sim active - normal talk 10-15 min a day,some wifi - 5 days up stand by / uninstall google talk,map,search, youtube, and etc./

  • Maqulyn

Poor baterry.24 h without internet and wi-fi.just stand by.I buy this telephone of 6 months.Poor telephone.

  • Momosat

total ram : 156.12 mb
total rom : 202 mb

info : android assistant

  • RoUser

very, very poor battery life, even with no wi-fi, gps and 3g internet connection active and most of the nonesential apps shut down, the most i could get out of it are 30 hours between recharches with 2 hours of talk time. I can not imagine why phone manufacturers tend to lie in their phone specs. The battery is nowhere near the 115 hours stand by time or 5 hours talk time.
If you have no problem with that, a very good dual sim phone for a fair price.

  • DK

Dan Băr&, 03 Oct 2011(I am talking about G1317D as I read that this link may poi... moreit depend on user...
if u use one hand...
never will back

  • shadok

Display has only 256k scales (no 16M)

  • Dan Băr&

(I am talking about G1317D as I read that this link may point to that phone actually; it is the one with resistive touch screen)
After 4 months the display got some strange liquid inside its sheets (like oily rainbow colours) without being wet or other interaction. (sitting in the pocket just like that) and this rendered the phone completely unusable. I don;t know if anyone is interested in this phone, but I’ll keep you posted whether the warranty will work (the phone must have no signs of damage – and of course, in time, some damage became visible – now it depends on severity of interpretation). This piece of information will only help people from Romania that are clients of Importer Omnisoft S.R.L. though.

  • Anonymous

i have trouble with the touchscreen i think i calibrate him allmoust 5 to 15 time a day it s apoor touchscreen i press a button and he activate at the other corner of the screen it is not a very good phone

  • AnonD-13891

Vali Computers, 13 May 2011We have this phone for almost 10 days now. We ship worldwid... moreMr. Vali, i want 1310 - i sent ur site email several times. i need to know details before placing an order. does the cost at ur site includes shipping overseas? thanks in advance. Does any one knows where i can get 1310 online??? thanks for any reply

  • Dan Băr&

Hi everybody,
I don't intend to do a review for this phone so I write this under the discussion tab. I think you should be all warned about something - the call quality of this phone is extremely poor.

The fact is that during a call quality drops below the limit at which one can understand the other. This happens at least for several seconds on *every* 5 min call.
Sometimes echo appear, sometimes the volume drops (It's not in the software volume but something about the antenna)
The speaker is also a very poor experience.

I owned 3 phones before this (2x simens and a nokia e50) and neither of them was as bad as this one (and the nokia was very good actually) but none were dual sim also.

The rest Of the phone features are pretty much as one could expect form a phone in this price category, though I never had an touch screen smart phone before so I'm not in the position to compare.

It helps me a lot that this phone is dual sim, but was this a single sim in trade of 33% cheaper, say, I would be extremely pissed off.

Hope this helps somebody,
good luck in your decision.

The problem with the call quality is not that bad after another restart (in loosing frames, etc, the call quality remains bad, though usable); it seems the os was also involved. I found out, however, that if the signal is half or worse (2 lines out of four) the voice call is loosing frames (above half of them are lost) (This is still not solved for me)

Another problem would be the battery that lasts only 1 day and a half.

The rest of the features work fine, although I have not tested them all.
(There could be problems with bluetooth I heard but I'm not using it so I wouldn't know)

  • Ionut

Vali Computers, 13 May 2011We have this phone for almost 10 days now. We ship worldwid... moreMr. Vali, the phone you are seling is not G1310 ! You are seling G1317D , with resistive touchscreen and smaller resolution as G1310

  • Anonymous

have this phone for 6 days; screen does not impress me, not as sensitive as it should be, and the battery last no more than 24 hours with normal use, no wireless and no gps activated. does anyone have the same problems?

  • cadet7

Does any have a weblink to purchase this phone internationally? Preferably the UMT/HSPA 3g 850/1900 version

  • Anonymous

it's a good phone to bad that the battery holds only one day a have the phone by allmost 2 weeks

  • suf

dot it two weeks. very poor sound (while listening music with my KOSS headphones..), sometimes it restarts for no reason. besides that it is a good buy

  • AnonD-272

looks good

  • Gym

Are there no reviews of this phone yet? Isn't the model that gigabyte released is g1317D With a "D" in it? and color black.

  • Gus

[deleted post]Resistive or capacitive?

G1310 seems to have a capacitive screen. And I have seen on a Chinese website that even G1317 is capacitive - is that a mistake?

  • Anonymous

poor and low sound ..

  • Anonymous

Vali Computers, 13 May 2011We have this phone for almost 10 days now. We ship worldwid... moreDoes anyone know if this cell phone can be imported into the United States?