Gigabyte GSmart i120

Gigabyte GSmart i120

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  • Anonymous
  • C9a
  • 18 Aug 2023

so cool, i want one

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    • raj rahul
    • GQN
    • 15 Nov 2013


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      • suhail
      • utG
      • 07 Apr 2013

      check this site for official firmware

      and check the below link for unofficial updates

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        • OVER30
        • 73S
        • 23 Nov 2012

        i have one. but the battary should be replaced now. where can i find it in malaysia

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          • AnonD-75846
          • pii
          • 16 Oct 2012

          I used this phone years ago, i still have it somewhere. i never was able to type a message through the keypad, no matter what i do. It was only the touchscreen with small letters, that's why i didn't use that phone much.

            • s
            • saif
            • Hkq
            • 11 Sep 2012

            plz tell me how can dawonlod is i120 softwear my phon is blank and any shop in my city allahabad india plz help me do the needfull its urgent

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              • suhas
              • t}a
              • 29 Apr 2012

              dzadza, 12 Aug 2010i have already tried that but i am still unable to unlock i... morepls tell me how to unlock the phone by using keyguard as touchscreen is not working

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                • bsm
                • BFq
                • 21 Dec 2011

                lo ayaka, 08 Aug 2010how do i upgrade to wm6.5Download rom version 23081. it is 6.5.3 and is quite better with threaded SMS and CPU frequency selection to half(208 MHz) on slighly overclocking provision.There after everything works including TV.

                Put the image in sd card and power on with certain keys-pressed.

                  • m
                  • mshakes
                  • NHL
                  • 11 Nov 2011

                  guys my phone need a battery. can any 1 tell me where can i get it.

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                    • gobman
                    • vbM
                    • 04 Nov 2011

                    pl.dont buy this phone you will never gate any spear part of this phone .if any damage take place simply forget it.....

                      • s
                      • sanju
                      • vGx
                      • 23 Sep 2011

                      how do i start my mobile pls reply

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                        • kabirpremi
                        • YUM
                        • 09 Aug 2011

                        this is one of the worst phone i have used, camera is very low quality,no EDGE, bulky.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • vxf
                          • 26 Jan 2011

                          how do i write messages in the keypad,not through screen
                          can anyone help me with this???
                          writing messages through the phone's keypad?

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • vxf
                            • 26 Jan 2011

                            the batery life of my cell is nt much,what should i do??

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                              • Raghavendra
                              • w4X
                              • 28 Dec 2010

                              ver good handset

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                                • Nitin Malani
                                • P$t
                                • 11 Nov 2010

                                ashok.jani, 19 Mar 2009 hi..........dear friends...... ... moreU should buy gsmart i128 or even better if u can buy MW702 as i210 has alphanumeric keypad which doesnt work like other multimedia phones' keypad. so go for i128 but must hv a look at mw702

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                                  • RSP
                                  • uty
                                  • 30 Sep 2010

                                  Fathoni +62852111112, 28 Jun 2010hi guys i just want to say this is the worst phone i have e... morei have this phone i120 and this phone hangs and hangs and hangs do not ever go and buy anything so poor in quality
                                  that no one can fix

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                                    • svk
                                    • utx
                                    • 31 Aug 2010

                                    Mohammad, 27 Aug 2010Hi Guys, i have this problem thati can't connect it to pc, ... morePlease go to settings, connectios, USB connection,see that option of USB cable is selected instead of blue toothe. please go to settings select menu , click on sync, select options of connection as USB cable.please check usb cable and USB port of your pc

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                                      • Mohammad
                                      • MSR
                                      • 27 Aug 2010

                                      Hi Guys, i have this problem thati can't connect it to pc, so i can copy the new rom to instal, i already installed activesynce 4.5 but it's not working and i trie to set it in sd card reader but still nothing, anyhelp? and bu the way i don't have the cd i downloaded the actvivesynce from the microsoft.
                                      do i need any driver or something? thanks

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                                        • dzadza
                                        • PS6
                                        • 12 Aug 2010

                                        lo ayaka, 08 Aug 2010all u gatto do is to remove the battery and then fix it backi have already tried that but i am still unable to unlock it. does anyone know how to unlock this phone using the keypad since the touchscreen is not functioning? pls help.. tq...