Gigabyte GSmart i (128)

Gigabyte GSmart i (128)

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  • Anonymous

I broke the headset part of my lovely phone,it came off so i couldn't watch TV no more then one day it decided not to switch on. Yes it does recharge the battery but doesn't switch on. i wanna know if the lovely device of mine that I almost used for everything is repairable or I must just let it go? *really missing it so much*

  • KrAyZiE

a good pda but not the best phone, can some 1 please advise me where i can get the touch pad replaced as its broken and a new battery in durban south africa, please reply to -- thanx guys the phone's up for sale...

  • Anonymous

laine, 21 Jul 2011anyone knows how to change phone language? or program it so... moreGo to start menu, select "change menu"... press ok.. thats it !!

  • Chimzy

Do anyone khow where to find batteries on sale for this phone??

  • p3p3

laine, 21 Jul 2011anyone knows how to change phone language? or program it so... moreIt's there any way to set language to spanish??

  • laine

anyone knows how to change phone language? or program it so i can use the other functions of this phone.

  • Anonymous

prem, 28 Jun 2011its was running softly but suddenly it went off so wat shal... moreHave you tried doing a soft restart.
Remove the battery, put it back in. plug in the charger, and then try switching it on

If it still doesnt work, then try for a hard restart.

  • vicky

plz anybody know how to buy a new batree fo this phone

  • AnonD-12221

i am using gigabyte gsmart i(128) but suddenly it went off and i couldnt repair it so can i get the idea

  • prem

its was running softly but suddenly it went off so wat shall i do to make it ok???????????

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

I am using gSmart i128 from last 6 months. Although it may not prove prove the BEST phone in its range, but I would still like to say that is is worth spending money.
I am happy with gSmart i128.

  • Anonymous

i need your help, i can't seem to put some stuff in the memory card of my gsmart-1 128, i do not know how to go about it, i have tried

  • gspp

How to overcome the problem of automatic shut down of the instrument?

  • dpsailo

ashley, 11 Apr 2010Hi dpsalo. Can you please email me software you downloaded.... moreIf you need it, I have a spare battery for Gsmart i128. But u have to pay Rs. 750/- then i'll also send u all the software via email too. :)

  • dpsailo

Shaun Alex Samuel, 20 Sep 2010HATE. HATE. HATE this phone. Had it for 2 years and the amo... moreFor me This is a no problem phone. hehehe

  • Shaun Alex Samuel

HATE. HATE. HATE this phone. Had it for 2 years and the amount of frustration I've had with this hardware is incalculable... 4mb of onboard memory available, stylus scratches easily, slow, unresponsive, shuts off on its own, freezes when I get sms's, calls or connect to Windows Sync Center, and lo and behold, today, after it shut itself down again, it RESET itself, deleted ALL contacts, all my archived sms's all settings, all programs.

Would not recommend this at all.

  • Prashanth Davis

I bought this phone from Bombay Mall and I am happy with the performance. Overall this phone is value for money. Dont expect it to give a performance like iPhone but absolutely bang for the buck and better than all other low end windows devices and much cheaper.

  • Gautam

I bought this piece last friday, not it look very cool and when I find the phone is useless, Its having battery problem, after 1hrs it showing battery is week....I request all the peoples who are buyinh this phone..should take care and buy.................if u cant then its up to u..............

  • Wahid Khan

After using the phone for over 10 months I can say that it is a perfect phone and works excellent. Wonderful sound quality and all the features one would want in a mobile phone. Excellent if you want a cheap Windows Mobile Phone with wifi. ROM is also upgradeable.