Gigabyte GSmart Maya M1 v2

Gigabyte GSmart Maya M1 v2

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  • AnonD-516758

This is a good phone for the price
necessary to root
applications run quickly, there is enough space
camera is a solid
the problem is like most of these phone - microphone

  • Damian

Have this for 2 yrs. No lags, fast. Good screen. Gps is poor. If u look at antenna you will know why. Also internal mem sucks, only 700mb for user. U update google aps and there is no space left.

  • Anonymous

Low quality - I had two of them. After 2 - 4 months microphone stopped to work on both phones.

  • EDS88

Good and fast phone. I own one.
Gps problems I solved buying Garmin Glonass. That's the best thing in the world for 80 Euro price.

  • Anonymous

Good but Gigabyte not updating it to Android 4.4

  • AnonD-316332

I have Maya M1 V2, it's fast, doesn't lag, I'm satisfied with it, but the gps doesn't work at all:( What should I do? Does anyone have the same problem?

  • Domagoj

Phone has lag & it's slow, previously I had maya m1 v2, which was much better phone no lag & much more faster than this one.
Does someone knows in which country is available to buy Gsmart GX2?
If you could be so nice to put some links in reply, because its not in market in Croatia.

  • AnonD-305457

No problems. 9/10. Runs all the games and stuff. Doesn't lag. I would recommend this

  • Stupid

So slow -_- I really don't understand why they call its processor a QUAD CORE. Besides, Dual cores are even faster than this phone! I can't even hear any sound when recording sounds and videos! Screen is unresponsive!!! I can't even type a message without feeling angry at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I didn't bought this phone T.T

  • sujan

it is very bad, with in two days microphone not working, fully duplicate

  • Gherman Titov

Rooted and removed much of the bloatware - phone functioning perfectly and EXTREMELY fast - recommend Rooting the device _ - instructions at the link provided - NOt Responsible for any damage but it does work perfectly if done correctly

  • Anonymous

Wifi and bluetooth dont working. What should i do?

  • floriian

mine has faulty MMS EEPROM so i left it in service center. they have to order new motherboard
....from taiwan!
i am so happy about it because i could use mine old faithfull nokia 6151 with only voice and SMS and basic internet access.
you could say i am not a happy buyer and so far, i won't recomend GSmart.

  • AnonD-203049

I'm very unsatisfied with this phone.
My coworker and I bought 2 of them.
On the first one microphone stopped working in 4 hours, on second one microphone stopped working in 5 or 6 days. First one was replaced, second one is in service center.

And we talked to a 3rd friend who bought the same phone - guess what - microphone stopped working !!!

I don't recommend buying gigabyte phone.

  • Anonymous

Could you please share what is the resolution of recorded video? Thank you!

  • Anonymous

Currently I have dual feelings about the phone.
Pros: good price, good battery, good processor (seems very fast), good screen.
Cons: *Not pleasing sound. *Very low mic level. Impossible to hear sounds in recorder videos. *Not the best photo quality. No use of 8mpix, maybe 5mpix size is more reasonable for quality/size. *GPS very unstable (all the time it's hunting for location within radius of about 50 meters). For example, when I drive right line on a highway, one moment track shows me 20m to the right of highway, the next moment i'm driving the far opposite lane.

  • Maya

tzac, 23 Aug 2013Is it possible to root this V2 model ? Tnk's for info. Exc... more and

  • tzac

Is it possible to root this V2 model ? Tnk's for info.
Excellent phone

  • AnonD-173380

I forgot to ask you some get OTA updates - v1.29.08

  • AnonD-173380

hello there phone 2 days, I want to ask some root did it already