Gigabyte GSmart Rio R1

Gigabyte GSmart Rio R1

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  • @Sawanyo_

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2015I've had this phone for a year now. It's terrible. Slow, cr... moreDo you still have it?

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for a year now. It's terrible. Slow, crashes, can't even load facebook. Flash doesn't work. Music lags, the speakers are so quiet I can't hear it in my pocket, most games are unplayable, and sound quality when you talk on it is pretty bad. If you're short for money get something else, even a regular phone with buttons is better

  • Anonymous

Actually it has only 340 Mb RAM what was confirmed by cfw-creators several times. Stock firmware is terrible, it's suffering from enormous memory leaks. Only works well with 'performance-oriented' cfw.

  • AnonD-287977

bad totaly bad .apex launcer try

  • Anonymous


Regarding text messages, my phone says i have 13 but when i open the messages they are not there? I can't find them when i search either. I know people have texted and i can't open to reply. Any ideas?

  • Cyka

After extensive use I've come to conclusion that it's not such a good phone after all. Doesn't feel like dual core and runs out of memory even if only one app is running. Browsers tend to crash even with a single tab. 512 MB suddenly isn't enough? Also, music stutters a lot and equalizer sometimes turns off on its own (when RAM overloads, lol)

  • dsa

Somebody knows how to fix lag ?

  • Sava

Updated the firmware. Having terrible performance problems. Gsmart gs202 with very similar hardware specifications used to work well. Much disappointed.

  • cro

worst phone i ever had!

  • Cyka

Got it a few days ago, instantly upgraded to the newest firmware, everything runs smoothly so far. Wi-Fi working flawlessly (also edit the specs, it has FM radio) only thing I've found buggy is that flash on camera pops too early so you don't get good light on your pictures. Hoping to see a fix in the next update :)

Absolutely recommended for this price! (Got mine for 150$)

  • cool

i bought this phone ,nice, solid and good quality, so far i like a lot

  • zoks

My frend bougt this device few weeks ago, he give it to me to install some sat navigation on it. I think that this is a slowest phone in a world, it is wery hard to use it because it is mostly irrespondible. It's alaways lagging, especially wheb you trigger home button, it takes ages to load home screen.

  • niki

To anyone how is planing to buy one: DON'T. I had one and 2 days ago I smashed it on the wall and to the garbage it went and it was 2 months old. Only good thing about it was a screen, nice colors and real IPS. Performance wise my old Huawei pulse (4 years old) is/was better and more responsive than this. After installing facebook and viber I had only 15-25 MB of RAM to use. It has 300 MB of RAM cause chipset Qualcomm MSM8225 require 250 MB when it work.
All in all very bad phone. P.S. Only response I got from customer service Was "... update to now firmware..." so not good, not good at all. Lost my faith in Gigabyte tech. as mobile as PC and other.

  • Vaniskovce

I bought 2 last month. It looks so nice and the screen is awesome but the performance is awful. My Samsung Galaxy Mini had better performance than this. There's a lot of bug in the music player and in the Android too. I don't recommend this phone. Maybe a Jelly Bean update could be handle this problem. Buy a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 instead of this.

  • Koleff

Got one yesterday. Today tried the wi-fi connection in the office. The network is protected and when I start writing the password the "CONNECT" space becomes unavaliable. Doesn't matter if the password is right or wrong it glows and when I start writing it dissappears. Any ideas why?

  • esbenoelve

And yeah, there is FM radio available on this phone.

  • esbenoelve

Actually i was expecting less for this price. The design is nice(looks a little like an iphone) but contains lots of 'cheap' plastic.

Phone lacks RAM and (i think) would preform a lot better if it had more of it. If you get multiple sync services running it gets really slow. So for a better performance you should turn syncing off.

I managed to improve phones performance by installing custom ROM - Androtonic.

For me - a good solution for first smartphone, might not get games running smoothly but most of the apps i use run fine.

  • riobg

santos, 21 Apr 2013I WOUDLD NOT recommend this phone to anyone... for now... ... moreI'm having major network connectivity issues with this phone - half of the network packages are lost with a pretty strong 3g coverage. Also lots of connection timeouts. The phone regularly restarts when data connection is turned on. Upgrade to the latest rom v.11 has no effect. Really hope that there will be a proper update soon. Otherwise battery life is less than 2 days with data on, but doubles if you turn it off.

  • santos

I WOUDLD NOT recommend this phone to anyone... for now...

it has too many bugs... camera flash not working (you cannot make any photos when it's dark. it's like the led flash either flashes too soon or it flashes 10% of how it should.

mp3 music lagged but that was fixed with the first patch... battery is very bad, if you use it hard, you can empty the battery from 100% to 20% within 2,5 hours.

the battery indicator is not accurate. the first 40% of the battery empty within 2 hours of normal use.

lots of lags on the phone, especially when you exit an application... you have to wait literally 30 seconds for the main screen with widgets to load, which is not very good since the phone has a dual core 1ghz processor and a descent amount of ram...

all in all this smartphone needs a LOT of software patching to go through....

  • AnonD-134847

gigabyte r1 rio have fm radio!