Gigabyte GSmart T4 (Lite Edition)

Gigabyte GSmart T4 (Lite Edition)

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  • Eddy

Are you crazy guys? This phone is a total lie. The ROM is not 4GB, it is 1GB. The main camera has the worst quality ever and it's not 5 MP, it is 1MP. Also the photo pixels are like oil brushes. The camera flash is useless, it is realy dim. When you record a video, it takes too much space on your storage. Also the video quality is AWFUL, it's 15 fps(I MEAN THE FINEST QUALITY), and it still sucks. I don't wanna comment the front camera, it is a total disaster. The processor is not dual-core and the ram is much lower than 512MB, You wanna know why? BECAUSE that stupid phone lags and crashes on the simplest apps and games. That stupid phone's recommended apps have to be updated to work... right? BUT NO They won't work, because the internal space is 1GB, there is no f***ing space left for those updates. Also the SD card slot will eventually f**k up in time, without touching it or bugging it. DO NOT buy this phone, It's cursed I tell ya!!! I have 1 year experience with that piece of s**t. And i'm verry pissed off. DO NOT make my mistake.
This is GSTUPID T4 (Lite Edition)
P.S. On the box, manuals and safety manuals of this phone it says that it's GSMART T4, so be carefull when you buy a GSMART T4

  • Johnny

very good opinion for only one day

  • Anonymous

me, 02 Dec 2014Nice cheap phone,i have no bad comments for him nowI love you gsmart t4

  • me

Nice cheap phone,i have no bad comments for him now

  • d

it goods