Gigabyte Snoopy

Gigabyte Snoopy

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ya lov yer giggabytes

  • ping pong

what the hell. keng this?

  • nithin p rajan

wow what a medical miracle .. amazing ...... nice features

  • AMBE

ive had this phone since 2004 and its amazing

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2012Is this a phone??yes

  • Anonymous

Is this a phone??

  • Anonymous

what kind of remote is this??

  • mist

WTF is this...kind a lame...zzzz

  • Anonymous

Whoooohhh...!!! this phone really looks great. i wonder where i can find this phone?. but this phone reminds me of the early days when i got TAMAGOCHI>.

  • Anonymous

what kind of mobile is this ????....its looks like a babydoll

  • Anonymous

is it flip or slide phone?


i love fannnyyyy!!, sorry i mean snoopy

  • dave

personally i miss beautiful phones like this

  • xdamian

i like !!

  • KielZen2808

Where can I buy this? and how much is the cost?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Is anyone know where I can buy this phone?

  • Wills

I totaly love this fone its too cute

  • kev

its was a good phone in that time though for sure now its trash but for a 2005 phone it looks good so stop hatin