Gionee Elife E5

Gionee Elife E5

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  • G. Sharma

I bought a heater which I can't put on even on my ears instead of buying a phone. Bull shit for my hard core money. Nobody should buy this phone which always finished battery in 1 hour.

  • Anonymous

i would not advice anyone to buy it. my phone is less than 3months when it started acting up. low battery always.. charging point having issue and now it refuses to on. The annoying thing is no service center her in ph. so i have to thrash it. my 38k is wasted .

  • rk

how can i update android for gionee e5? because there is no update from gionee... plz reply

  • raju

How to up grade latest varshion

  • Sudhir Gupta

Dear All,

Please don't buy Gionee mobile as it is best looking phone but performance is worst. Battery consumption is too much + EAR PHONE TEMPERATURE RISES VERY SOON AND IT IS UNBEARABLE. Plus if any problem is there in handset then service centre says deposit the phone for 1 week to 10 days to rectify. Can anybody afford it ?

  • agakhan

Hopeless. Useless Battery. Automatic Crash. Hanging till Death of all running Applications. This company should be banned in India.

  • ram

nikhil, 13 Oct 2014friends iam using gionee e5 from 8 months but suddenly yesterday... morei too face the same probe,. I purchased 6 months back, battery backup is very poor.. Phone is not getting charged. Now it is dead...waste of hard earned money..for this cost, this phone is a waste buy

  • Gionee FAN

vishal, 26 Sep 2014Gionee phones are excellent & they give value for money. Gio... moreHave u experienced when ur phone can't turn on..I need help because mine won't turn on please!!

  • Gionee FAN

Recently my Gionee battery died completely and I have tried charging, but the problem is when I was charging it,it refused to turn on at all till now..WHAT DO I DO!!

  • Anonymous

recevier ends lot of disturbance when we speak the person to whom we are calling is unable to hear our voice clearly

  • Nikikkkkl

Friends my rear camera is having cracks. So front camera is better than back camera.So I want to replace my camera glass. Then how much it costs

  • kiran

y m not getting massages ...always inned to switch off my phone den i will get all pending massages....pls solve d issue and ....gv d solution also

  • priya

worst experience in my life time , no customer service, phone getting bad every now and then , cant deal with the phone

  • Pankaj

Unread msg always showing

  • shaz

My phone is showing SD card error, what is the solution for this problem.

  • Anonymous

Bought G5 last dec 5 only. Unread msg always appear. Need import/ ds normal for a smartphone? Even d cheapest brand wouldnt give u hesdache ike ds. It heats up for unknown reason. Anyway, i dont expect a return of my
money. I expect a lots of friends i will convience not to buy ds very. Very gud indian brand.

  • Anonymous

what is best custom rom for this device

  • ketan m pitroda

My gioone E5 mobile display is Brocken what is price new display

  • Rahna

I bought the "amazing" phone 3 weeks back and it has started to show its true nature... it goes blank and i had to retart to get the phone functioned. None of the pics are getting saved on either system memory or SD Card.. starting to get disappointed.. as far sound and heat issues goes, its ok, no issues with it... think twice or thrice before purchase it.. tnx.

  • Eragon

hai bro all of the people's using that mobile saying super