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Gionee Elife S5.5

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  • Anonymous

Message. Not varking

  • Anonymous

vick, 21 Aug 2014Go to messages then select export option to export after doing t... moreNo ur reply for message is not working

  • AnonD-289000

Where is sensor of missed call and notifications like Samsung and MMX blinking led light

  • aamir

buy ur self a lenovo p780 and feel what it feels like to use a mobile without worring about battry life and durability and stuff like that ecvery thing that i expected of a lenovo mobile my expecttations were exceeded on the P780 that i bought a year ago for 2100 for just Rs 12500 now days it rocks

  • AnonD-271621

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2014in my phone even after turning off the wlan, when i see the batt... moreI was facing the same problem n my wifi was always running as per battery details....i backed up my data n reseted the phone n nw its working fine...and this unread messages problem also got solved after resetting

  • †@©Ï†U®

I've been observing my Elife S5.5 today. I've just fully charged the phone and it drains the battery very fast. I've found the problem! If you'll notice, the screen brightens when using Du Battery Saver.

This is what I did with my Du Battery Saver:
1. Open Du Battery Saver
2. Tap on Mode
3. Tap on Edit beside “My mode” (default name)
4. I've reduced the Screen brightness to 20% (You may also set it to 10% since it's still visible)
5. My Screen timeout is 2 Mins
6. Vibrate is set to On
7. Other settings are set to Off

***Note: Don't use Automatic when setting the Brightness of your Display in System Settings. Like my former Galaxy S3, I set the brightness to 0%. I used to set it to Automatic and I've observed that it keeps on changing, so there's a big chance that it'll automatically change to 100% (depending on your environment).

Also, the seller advised me not to upgrade to Kitkat. Since Kitkat is still not very stable, he advised me to wait for 1 more year. As the saying goes... “If it ain't broke, don't fix it” ^_^

  • Anonymous

Is this mobile android jellybean? Where can this phone be bought?

  • san

is it good enough to buy wen compared to knight?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2014in my phone even after turning off the wlan, when i see the batt... morepower saving mode

  • AnonD-297379

After upgrading to kitkat you can not perform this operations.

  • AnonD-297144

After the kitkat update in my E-Life S5.5, I am mot able to copy movies from USB to phone memory although I can copy other folders pics etc. but not any movies.
Can anyone suggest any work around for this? do I need to download and reinstall USB Drivers for my phone?

phone always shows that it cannot copy/delete.

  • Anonymous

in my phone even after turning off the wlan, when i see the battery usage it is showing that wlan is running and consuming almost 31% battery. can anybody tell how close it so it will not consume the battery....

  • Dinesh

I think it should be a good for all

  • Harry

Finally I got this phone, battery not good, big problem for me is: corporate email not able to synchronized..if any body done this pleas help me how to synchronized the mails.

  • vick

Roger, 18 Aug 2014Still now resolved, unread messages not visible, can someone hel... moreGo to messages then select export option to export after doing these delete all msg unread icon will disappear and again import ur msg thats it

  • far

1. the battery is discreasing very fast
2. the mobile will become very hot after use of 10 mins

  • rubel

AnonD-293643, 12 Aug 2014is it available in Bangladesh? where I can get it?Yes, It is available in bangladesh. walton has lunched the phone in the name of Primo X3

  • Ohri

AnonD-271621, 19 Aug 2014It is actually a very good phone....display is amazing n yes it ... morePerformance??? or nt ??

  • b

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2014Uninstall ur whats app first n thn install the whatsapp plus bt ... moreYour suggestion is not working

  • Gopal Manjegowda

Do not go for this phone, Not happy with battery life sound quality & output, Aluminium case is for name sake if u drop ur phone it will easily get damage, heating problem is still there after updating to 4.4.2, if you spend the same/less money you will get Micromax knight/ canvas gold which are far better phones than this.
After using for around 2 months I'm little disappointed with this phone, except slimness & good display nothing is there in this phone, Octa core processor is useless I'm using airtel 3G it works as normal as 2G in other phones.
Not worth of spending 20K for this phone, if you get at 15K or less then go ahead & buy this phone.