Gionee F103 Pro

Gionee F103 Pro

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  • Anonymous
  • Nue
  • 17 Oct 2021

AnonD-667560, 07 May 2017List of defects. 1.'Location' does not work. Every time I ... moreMy 3G /4G/5G is not appeared on my screen

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    • Wiki
    • CFx
    • 23 Jan 2021

    I have been using this phone since 2017. The only problem is battery but I do understand with its 2400 mah capacity. I love the design, it's top and the software is really wonderful. Amigo os is nice, friendly and rich in features to do with security and customization - inbuilt mobile antitheft, guest mode, chameleon color customization, falling star live screen, hide apps/private /second space, amiclone, ultra power saving mode and wide range of smart gestures. I wish gionee could upgrade this model to full screen with such features and improved camera, storage, battery.

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      • Gionee
      • rAN
      • 21 Jan 2021


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        • de joe
        • Nue
        • 29 Nov 2020

        zeal, 27 Feb 2020have u installed apps on ur gone?not at all

          Price and performance, it is a well balanced phone. probably only module, support gsm volte all basic frequencies and cdma as well which is widely used in usa & japan. So it is a world edition phone. The battery is removable so when it will exhaust, no need to visit service station. Only thing it is with Android v 6, no update. There is another catch in all gionee phones which is not mentioned in any tech doc. VPN stops automatically in gionee phones within a or few minutes. To overcome this go to the System Manager app which is inbuilt in gionee. Select Eco Mode, add the VPN app in the white list. Otherwise Gionee system Manager automatically terminates any running app at back ground. You will keep blaming vpn app or the internet speed but that not the case. Also to get better battery life, minimize lcd brightness and back ground running app. Thanks.

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            • zeal
            • CGH
            • 27 Feb 2020

            Subho, 07 Oct 2018The phone is very good. It does not lags. Only a very few t... morehave u installed apps on ur gone?

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              • Jitendra jadhav
              • 7kh
              • 28 Oct 2019

              Not working no log in

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                • Desty
                • Nue
                • 26 Jan 2019

                I can't install anything in this phone, always writing application package has always hanging so so annoying abeg

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                  • Anonymous
                  • U@8
                  • 21 Jan 2019

                  Anonymous, 19 Feb 2018my gione f103 is too poor hanking and also android vasion i... moreHow we download software

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                    • Hephzibah
                    • Nue
                    • 17 Jan 2019

                    Mine has SD card slot but only 2gb ram,the phone is okay but the battery life is a bit poor, besides this phone suppose to support band 7,20 and 28. In Nigeria only one out of four major carrier supports the band 3.Others that are leading are not supported,especially the band 7.This is painful.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • uvx
                      • 06 Jan 2019

                      Main issue is battery drain fast, Not supprts Bsnl4g sim as it supports2300 band 4g not to 2100 4g,so make sure your operators band width before purchase

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                        • Sup
                        • YP6
                        • 25 Nov 2018

                        Arguably not a good phone!! Battery drains so fast.. Phone heats up quickly.. Camera is not good in low lights.. Wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this crap!!

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                          • Subho
                          • Dkx
                          • 07 Oct 2018

                          The phone is very good. It does not lags. Only a very few times it lags while 0laying pubg and it is usual as it has mediatek prossesor 1.3Ghz and 3 gb ram. I am glad to get this type of phone. Everybody tells that redmi or mi is best but in my opponent Gionee is the best.

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                            • Manas
                            • DkD
                            • 22 Jun 2018

                            So much heating problem while charging & talking for long time

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                              • odah1
                              • x0x
                              • 22 Apr 2018

                              my problem is that i cant, installed play store and change the language to english especially when i want to download and the phone i dont have drive on the phone. please help me out because i like the phone

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Nug
                                • 20 Apr 2018

                                The charging point has issues, battery life is bad....average of 5 hrs. The worst part is when making whatsapp call, the battery drains within minutes, approximately 30 mins, and the phone goes off.

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                                  • ashim
                                  • PAX
                                  • 04 Mar 2018

                                  it's useful for net surfing,camera as per it cost.battry back up a little issue otherwise good.

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                                    • Ritikesh
                                    • fCZ
                                    • 27 Feb 2018

                                    It is a very good smartphone in it's class.
                                    I am using this smartphone since more than one year.
                                    I never faced any problems the phone is fast, camera quality is excellent. Little heats while playing heavier games but it is a very good phone rock GIONEE

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                                      • Adhi
                                      • ypc
                                      • 22 Feb 2018

                                      swa, 22 Sep 2017When it will get noughat update??? Plz replyNo

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Nug
                                        • 19 Feb 2018

                                        my gione f103 is too poor hanking and also android vasion is 5.0 and 1gb ram pls put eyes on this I don't no if itz a copy gione am using