Gionee K3 Pro

Gionee K3 Pro

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His phone make sense and wonderful

  • Anonymous

His phone is amazing

This phone isn't in Nigeria, is it?

  • Yusluv

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2021Very nice 😍😍😍😍😍 phoneBeautiful

  • Yusluv

Nice phone

  • Somzy

excel, 05 May 2021today Is it out in lagos?

  • excel

Somzy, 10 Apr 2021Please when is this nice phone going to be out in Nigeriatoday

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2020165mm Gionee ???? why? make it 156mm or even 4500mahVery nice 😍😍😍😍😍 phone

  • Somzy

Please when is this nice phone going to be out in Nigeria

  • Anonymous

Please let the spare paths come along with it

  • Benjamin

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2021Hi Gionee k3 is available for NigerianI like the phone

  • Anonymous

Ola, 07 Jan 2021Can I see it in LagosHi Gionee k3 is available for Nigerian

  • Ola

Can I see it in Lagos

  • Holy Wisdom

Pls, When Will Gionee K3pro Be Available In Nigeria, I Really Neet It, Will It Be Available This Dec 2020? And How Much Is The Phone Now?

Inferno75617, 18 Nov 2020That's the weirdest place to locate a fingerprint sca... moreOh yeah wtf, that's a rather odd place to put it.

  • Inferno75617

That's the weirdest place to locate a fingerprint scanner. My finger would not even reach there.

  • Anonymous

Wow i love this phone it's specs are good for me i mean i love games

  • Olawunmi

Pls is the phone out in the market

  • chris mark

i love Gionee phones i cant wait oooo

  • Johnson toshiba

Wow Gionee k3 pro is one of gionee smart phone that has a quality mega pixel with a better octa_core for andriod gamers, I can't wait for its release in market.