Google leaks Nest Hub Max, 10-inch HD screen and a camera in tow

Sagar, 30 March 2019

Google has accidentally leaked details about its unannounced product dubbed Nest Hub Max. It posted images on its online store revealing information about this product. The images have now been taken down, but the folks over at Android Police managed to take their screenshots before Google rectified its mistake.

These images tell us that the Nest Hub Max will come with a 10-inch HD display, and the device will also sport stereo speakers. It will also have a built-in Nest Cam for motion and sound alerts, and you will be able to make video calls to your friends and family through Google Duo with it.

Nest Hub Max details Nest Hub Max details Nest Hub Max details
Nest Hub Max details

The website didn't have any actual photos of the Nest Hub Max, so we don't know what exactly it looks like - that much they managed to keep secret.

If this device actually exists and Google plans to release it sometime this year, we will eventually get to know more about it.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

april fools

  • krolwioski

April fools news?

  • Anonymous

Well, there is nothing accidental about this news. This has become a routine

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