Google fixes Pixel and Pixel XL charging issue with latest update

Yordan, 02 October 2018

Back in August, when Android Pie was in Beta mode, some Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones on the program lost their fast charging. The issue was expected to be fixed by the time the stable version rolled around but it was still there.

Now Google says the problem is fixed with the October security update.

Google Pixel XL

The latest monthly patch fixes the problem with the communication between third-party USB-PD adapters and the phone, although the issue appeared with original chargers as well. Updates for the Pixel 2 arrived as well - they are fixing Android Auto stability and “improved performance for certain protected media formats”.

The update is already rolling out to all Pixel phones so the end of your slow charging torture is near.



Reader comments

Wrong again. Releases like 12.X take more than one month. Minor releases like 12.0.Y can take days.

Yes once the beta is ready then the final release is mere days away

LOL they commented before the announcement, and it's a beta, so it's not out for stable release yet. But yes, awesome that Apple looked into the issue quickly to address it.

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