Google Allo finally has a web client, only pairs with Android phones at the moment

Vlad, 15 August 2017

Allo, one of what feels like dozens of different messaging apps from Google, finally has a web version starting today. This was by far one of the most requested features since the service debuted last year, and it's still unclear why it took so many months for it to arrive. Anyway, it's here.

However, right now you can only use Allo on the web if you have an Android phone. This is because the Allo app on your phone has to pair to the web client in order for the latter to work. You accomplish this by scanning a QR code, which makes Allo's web client identical to WhatsApp Web in this regard. Sadly, Google didn't emulate Facebook's other chat service, Messenger - in that case there's no pairing required, the web version acts like a standalone client. For Google not to go this route, especially after so much development time, is quite baffling.

When you head to Allo Web's page, you're greeted by the screen you can see above. Once you've scanned the code from an Android handset, you're in. iPhone support is promised to come soon. Another caveat is that Allo Web only works in Google Chrome for now. And since the web client basically mirrors what's on your phone, if your device runs out of battery or for some reason disconnects from the internet, you won't be able to use Allo Web anymore.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 16 Aug 2017
  • IbF

Sucks that you can't just log in with handle and password. anyways, the bew Skyoe Beta is where it's at. They got everything on it except for SMS or MMS suport. You can chat with some one and then send them a snapchat style video just by swiping...

Google will probably make it part of the Google apps package which OEMs are forced to install. The problem is, it doesn't nearly compete with other platforms such as Telegram, and until they improve it and install it by default no one is going to swi...

  • Dream
  • 16 Aug 2017
  • pTh

Telegram is way ahead in terms of multi-platform support.

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