Google announces RCS for business-to-consumer communication

Ricky, 22 February 2018

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and is the upgrade that SMS has desperately needed for a long time. Over the past couple of years, Google has dedicated itself to facilitating carriers’ transition to RCS on a global scale and Google announces that it is working closely with 43 carriers and various OEMs to make this a reality.

Today, Google announces Rich Communication Services for businesses to communicate directly with the consumer. Companies can send communications directly to your phone on the Android Messages app with more useful and interactive messages. Google announces some of the first companies to harness RCS will be 1-800 Contacts, 1-800 Flowers,, SnapTravel, and Subway.

Confirm a hotel reservation or reorder contact lenses straight from Android Messages app. Speaking of which, Google has also been partnering with OEMs to make Google’s Android Messaging app the default messaging app for Android users so that more Android users all over the world can start taking advantage of Rich Communication services right away.

Appropriately, Google will be showcasing its RCS platform capabilities at the MWC starting next week. Here, it will also show how businesses and consumers can benefit from RCS communications. We are also hoping that a breakthrough announcement will be made regarding the state of RCS on a global scale.



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  • Anonymous

You don't agree with what? that a google is major player when it comes to collecting data? this is a fact now, and notice i didn't say apple does not do it, i'm not defending apple or attacking google, i'm just pointing out the absurd way that other ...

  • Piotr

"be real, smartphones are used to collect all kind of info from users and google is a major player when it comes to that" I don't agree with that. Apple also had many secrets revealed that spying on its users was more heavy than Googles or Android sy...

  • Anonymous

Slaves and freemen? for using different phones? i know i'm reading an internet comment, people say all kind of things, but come on ... be real, smartphones are used to collect all kind of info from users and google is a major player when it comes to ...

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