Google Assistant on Wear OS to get smart suggestions, ability to speak, and Actions

Himanshu, 04 May 2018

Google has announced that Assistant for Wear OS will soon be updated with new features, including smart suggestions, ability to respond through voice, as well as Actions.

To begin with, smart suggestions - that you can access through a swipe-up menu - are nothing but contextually relevant suggestions that follow Assistant's answer to a query of yours.

For example, if you ask for weather info, then aside from offering you that info, Assistant will also show you other, related info you may be interested in, like extended forecast.

Moving on, Assistant will also be able to respond through voice in certain scenarios. While Google didn't provide details on exactly when Assistant will be able speak, the announcement post lists at-least one example: when you ask "tell me about my day."

Then comes Actions, which are basically things you can do using Assistant. For example, you can use Assistant to ask Bay Trains when the next train is leaving.

Google says Actions will be available on all Wear OS by Google watches. All These new features will be rolling out "over the next several days," the company says.



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