Google begins rolling out updated time prompt on latest version of Google Keep

Ricky, 10 August 2021

Android 12 will bring Android’s new Material You redesign. Ahead of the change, Google is rolling out an updated interface for selecting a time (such as when setting an alarm) across the stock Android apps.

Old time selector (left), New time selector (right) Old time selector (left), New time selector (right) Old time selector (left), New time selector (right) Old time selector (left), New time selector (right)
Old time selector (left), New time selector (right)

The change was spotted by 9to5Google and already seen when setting the time for Google reminders. It is more recently reflected in the latest version (v5.21.301.10) of the Google Keep app. Not only is the space better utilized for selecting AM/PM, but you can also see the Material You number pad with rounded buttons for number input.

Video introducing Android's Material You redesign


9to5Google notes that other Android apps like Google Calendar, Tasks, and Clock haven’t yet been updated with this new clock. We should see more apps adopt Material You over the weeks leading up to the official release of Android 12, expected to happen sometime in September.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

A real joke. Why don't they implement full theming in Android instead of those joke updates. Windows 95 in year 1995 already had theming, Android in 2021 still doesn't have. Google joke.

  • Anonymous

Did you completely forget about Project Treble, the fact it's mainly Qualcomm holding back updates with their chipset support, what Google has done to help updates in the past 2 years, and them making Android more modular?

"The company did this on purpose to make people forget the time and become more addicted to the phone." Haha WTF, this could very easily be the fattest stupid I've ever read, so when I have to see the time in the notification bar,...

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