Google Chrome will offer easy way to insert emoji on desktops

Ricky, 07 April 2018

Emojis have become a huge part of popular culture in our hyper-connected world of technology. People are spending far more time using a smartphone than using a desktop or laptop computer these days. Even these days, it still isn’t simple to summon Emojis while using a computer with a desktop OS like Mac, Windows, or Chrome OS.

There is good news for Emoji lovers, first reported by 9to5Google the latest version (67.0.3389.0) of Chrome Canary for Mac has the ability, though it does require you to manually enable it. You see, the Canary channel of Chrome is focused for developers and gets experimental features even before the Beta version does.

To enable it, head to chrome://flags and search “emoji” and then enable ‘chrome://flags/#enable-emoji-context-menu’. We tried the Windows version, but enabling the flag didn’t show us the Emoji menu.

Source: 9to5Google Source: 9to5Google
Source: 9to5Google

We likely won’t see this feature make it to the stable version of Chrome any time soon, but we can expect to maybe arrive to Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS stable versions of the Chrome browser in the not-too-distant future.



Reader comments

No. It was in test mode for US English only. With 1803 it's being released and worldwide. It was introduced in build 17101.

  • Anonymous

The emoji keyboard is already there. It was introduced with the creators update last fall.

  • ok


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