Google Duo ups group video calling limit to 12 participants

Vlad, 28 March 2020

Google's Duo app is still alive, which is slightly surprising given the company's propensity to release messaging and social networking apps and then shut them down afterwards. Not only is it still alive, but it now allows you to have group video calls that have up to 12 participants.

The previous limit was 8, so that's a nice 50% increase. Unsurprisingly, this is connected to the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc through the world right now. A lot of people are stuck at home and so video calling and video conferencing are really taking off now like never before.

The new expanded functionality doesn't require an app update, as it's achieved through a server-side switch, so there's no need to anxiously keep manually checking for a new version. Just hang tight and you'll get the new ability in a few days tops, if you haven't already. The app still works exactly the same as before, it's just that now you can fit more people into your group video chats.

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  • Noel

Duo is ok. Have a few friends i communicate with on it but i think WhatsApp is Champ for one on one chats..never used either Duo or WhatsApp for multiple ppl chats or conferencing. I think Zoom has seen major usability and downloads since the CV prob...

My pure android phone have this app too but I never even use it and can't uninstall it. Lol.

In Nokias you can remove it with grace :)

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