Google Home can now play Google Play Movies content

Himanshu, 18 May 2018

Google has added a new feature to its Home smart speaker. It lets you use your Google Home to play Play Movies & TV content.

Support for third-party services like Netflix has been there since Home launched, but Play Movies support was missing all this while.

Given that Play Movies is Google's own product, no setting is required. Google says content from Google Play Movies & TV is automatically available when you set up Google Home. So, just ask your Home to play something from Play Movies & TV, and it should work.



Reader comments

When comes to privacy google apple and facebook are alike. They all claim they are unbreakable and often someone breaches security.

  • Anonymous
  • 18 May 2018
  • PuI

Google gives priority to 3rd party services before their own. Got it

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