Google Home Max lands in the UK

Yordan, 30 August 2018

Google Home Max was announced back in October 2017 at the Pixel 2 unveiling. The smart speaker was made available for purchase in the US right in time for Christmas and eventually made its way outside the country as late as May. Now, the United Kingdom is also joining the party where the Google Assistant-enabled gadget is finally available.

The Google Home Max has 4.5” woofers and is 20 times louder, according to Google. It is the first from the Home family to adapt and adjust to the environment - it learns its position in a room and sets up to listen properly and provide the answers loud enough.

If you want to use the speaker for more than just Google Assistant, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack and Bluetooth connectivity. This would make it a pretty expensive speaker, given the price is £399 and is currently available at John Lewis and Google’s own online store.



Reader comments

  • sumdumguy

That's a pretty steep price for a single speaker. Does it at least include a free access to Play music?

  • JohnTan

Haha which is why I got the Lenovo Smart Display for myself when I heard about its Privacy Shutter feature! Gone are the days where I have to cover my webcam with post it notes.

  • Anonymous

Google Spy Max -- when regular Google spying is not enough for you.

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