Strategy Analytics: Google Home Mini leads the smart speaker market in Q2

Yordan, 20 September 2018

Strategy Analytics has just released its report on the Q2 shipments of smart speakers across the globe. The numbers revealed that over 50% of the speakers are either by Google or Amazon, with Google Home Mini grabbing the lion share with a 20% of the market.

Volume in million Market share
Google Home Mini 2.3 20%
Amazon Echo Dot 2.2 18%
Amazon Echo 1.4 12%
Alibaba Tmall Genie 0.8 7%
Google Home 0.8 7%

The numbers reveal that although the market is still heavily concentrated around the pioneers in the smart speaker world, users still prefer the cheaper and more compact device. That’s why Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are stomping over the third placed Amazon Echo and fifth placed Google Home. The Alibaba Tmall Genie completes the top five.

In total volumes the numbers are less impressive - the total market was 11.7 million units shipped between April and June. Of them, 2.3 million were Google Home Mini, 2.2 million were Amazon Echo Dot and 1.4 million were the regular tall Amazon Echo. Alibaba’s solution has similar volumes as the Google Home - 800,000.

David Mercer, VP at Strategy Analytics, said the market is to continue expanding and we should expect more players in the future. “Samsung and Bose are in the process of launching their first models” which will give more diversity and options to choose from for consumers.

David Watkins, Director at Strategy Analytics, added that Apple took 6% share of shipments and that’s why they are out of Top 5 in terms of volume. Speaking about the premium segment, though, the Cupertino company has a massive 70% market share.



Reader comments

  • Michael
  • 20 Sep 2018
  • ajH

This is expected , it will have the same success as the Chromecast

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