Google Home now supports multiple users in the UK

Yordan, 27 June 2017

Starting today, Google Home owners can add up to six people on one account. The service can recognize multiple voices, allowing users to access information and personal preferences.

To activate the service, first you have to download the Google Home app. It must have a “multi-user available” card. You can also find it after clicking the top-right icon for seeing all connected devices.

Once the Home is visible, click “Link your account”. From there on you have to teach Google Assistant and set up preferences like music, weather and commute info.

After that Google Home will be able to distinguish who is talking to it as soon as they say “Ok Google” and “Hey Google”. The system will remember the vocal specifics of the commands and provide relevant info.


Reader comments

Oh really? It can even recognize multiple voices, up to six. And so allowing the six different users to access their personal information, preferences, etc. Individually. (After the Google Assistant is teached to set up their preferences such as musi...

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